Saturday, December 8, 2012

BlueStacks: WhatsApp Application in my laptop

I was looking for an application in my laptop wherein I can install a Whatsapp application. WhatsApp is a mobile application where you can do free messaging anywhere in the world as long as your contact has the WhatsApp in his/her mobile too. Plus you can have free messaging when your phone is connected to a data plan or through wifi. I had it in my mobile phone but since most of the time I’m in my laptop or iPad working, I decided to install it there. But iPad do not support Whatsapp application only in iPhones. So, I look for an option to download it in my laptop. I was actually eyeing for the WhatsApp Messenger only like the Yahoo Messenger or Skype perhaps but I did not find anything. But I found this Bluestack application, a mobile application where you can download it in your Windows (Beta) and Mac (Alpha). They have around 750,000 mobile application that can be actually downloaded in your pc or laptop. This is where I found the Whatsapp Messenger that will work on my laptop.

What I did was:
  • Download the Bluestack Player in Windows (if your PC or laptop has Windows OS) or Mac
  • After downloading, register with your email.
  • Search and Download for the WhatsApp application at Bluestack Player
  • Sign (if you have an account already) or Regsiter your mobile phone number
Bluestack application can actually sync photos, SMS, application in your phone to PC. This is what I actually did, I sync my WhatsApp application to the Bluestack player but before that you have to go to your mobile first and do these steps:
  1. Install the BlueStacksCloud Connect application from the Android Market, if you are using an Android phone.
  2. Open the application and pair your phone with your PC or laptop by typing your pin (you will receive it in your email).
  3. Select whether or not you want to receive SMS messages simultaneously in your PC or laptop via BlueStacks.
  4. Click Login and your done.
I just had my mobile WhatsApp sync in my laptop so that I can start using it. Just make sure if you will sync it, you are using same number that you register in your mobile WhatsApp. After doing that, check your Bluestack Player, click the WhatsApp icon and check if your contact are sync then if not I guess you can do it manually. Normally, if it is sync successfully, you will see the same chat history, groups and messages.

I think this is cool application. I don’t need to look at my phone anytime to check if there are any messages and I can respond immediately. Aside from WhatsApp, you can have Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Instagram and some games that are in your mobile phones. So far I’m loving this Bluestack application in my laptop because the fact that I can actually do WhatApp messaging  and also saves me money. I can really cut on my data packages for my mobile because of this. I will only use WhatsApp messenger in my phone when I’m not in front of my computer.

Just want to share this application, someone might get interested also.


  1. just curious,
    if only we registered the same number on whatsapp (phone) and whatsapp (bluestacks),
    if someone sends a message to us, will it appears both on my phone & bluestacks, or only one that will appear?
    thank you so much for the sharing, greatly appreciate your work :)

    1. Hi Ghijoon,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. About your question,in my case when I registered my number in whatsapp (bluestacks, I did not receive the messages in my mobile. I downloaded the whatsapp application in Bluestacks, I was asked to register my number and a verification code which I receive via sms. Then I used it in my Whatsapp Bluestack and from there I received messages.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions. I will try to help.


    3. Hi Mahembe,

      Thank you for reading my article. If you downloaded the Bluestacks application in your PC then you don't need to use data bundles like in your mobile. As long as your PC has an internet access then you can use your whatsapp application in Bluestacks.

      I hope this answer your question. Let me know if you have any question. I will try to help you.

  2. well hi my question I just need to know by putting the phone number and the verification code does it get all the whats ap chats happening or do u need to sync it...

    Please respond

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for reading this article. If you want that your contacts in whatsapp will appear the same in your mobile phone and the chat group, you need to sync it. But in my experience, everytime I switch to mobile I can't see the previous messages for each contact when I was receiving it in Whatsapp PC using bluestacks. The same with switching to Whatsapp PC through Bluestacks from mobile. Whatever I received in ny Whatsapp mobile remains in their such as photos,videos and messages.

      I hope this answer your question.


  3. I wanted to share pictures in whatsapp via bluestacks, but I cannot access pictures from my laptop... how do I sync datas from my laptop to bluestaks, so that I can share them in Whatsapp or instagram? I don't have android by the way. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. About sharing pictures in whatsapp via bluestacks?

      I tried that before but it is not working for me. But if you will sync your phone to your bluestack, then I think you can upload photos in your instagram & share in whatsapp.


  4. Hi, my question is does blue stack still keep/sync a chat/conversation deleted from the phone ??

    1. Hi Aubrey,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      if you delete your messages in Whatsapp Bluestack, your messages in the phone will not be deleted.

  5. Hi, my question is does blue stack still keep/sync a chat/conversation deleted from the phone ??

  6. hi, from yesterday, my chat history is not coming, even though contacts are there. can you pls help?